The Smarter, Better and Easiest way to
manage your risk mitigation, compliance
and verification needs.

FACTintel™ is a national provider of comprehensive fraud detection and verification services for multiple industries, including: mortgage, background/ tenant screening and anti-money laundering. With more than a decade of experience in customizable risk evaluation technology and processing, FACTintel’s heuristic/rule-based data collation, analysis and Expert Services stamps out 99% of fraud alerts while eliminating 100% of lost underwriting time.

FACTintel’s advanced real-time analytics and flexible technology along with FACTintel Expert Services offer:

  • Individual customer controlled analysis and final reporting rules – designed to fit the customer’s process with timely and relevant data while eliminating the noise and clutter of unnecessary information.
  • Consistency in processing – ensuring compliance with consistent processing for all set corporate policies/rules for all false positives, negatives and other validation discrepancies.
  • Expert verification staff – a team of verification experts with tools and proven resolution processes and tools for resolving 99% of all fraud alerts and thereby eliminating 100% of costly lost underwriting time.
  • Advanced big data analytic technology tapping into billions of structured and unstructured public data-points – providing real-time access to the highest quality data available.

FACTintel is committed to offering our clients the Smartest, Best and Easiest way to:

  • Manage your data verifications needs
  • Reduced your overall risk
  • Comply with all market requirements
  • Mitigate loan buybacks
  • Achieve the highest reliable operational throughput