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One partner for all of your fraud detection, verification and background screening requirements. Our solutions are approved by leading investors including: CitiMortgage, Chase Rural, Stonegate, Trustmark.

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Application Data Verification (ADV Report)

Comprehensive 1003 loan application data verification.

Lower the cost of underwriting

The ADV Report is a single comprehensive report identifying fraud risk factors within the mortgage loan application. Our system verifies key loan data including borrower ID, address & ownership history, MERS liens, employer company, property sale/refi history, neighborhood factors, FEMA, watch list issues. The report enable compliance with secondary market investors including Fannie Mae LQI and is approved by: CitiMortgage, JP Morgan Chase, Chase Rural, Stonegate, Trustmark, among others.

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  • Transparency
Based on input from leading secondary market partners, the ADV system replicates that taken by an underwriter. A discrepancy is highlighted and an automatic process then checks for a data input miskey or alternative public data to help resolve the discrepancy.
  • Readability
The ADV use of a clear “Pass” or “Fail” again replicating the underwriter’s internal approach which promotes rapid review and quick understanding of the results.
  • Focus
The content of the ADV report has been reviewed and approved by multiple investors and does not return unnecessary and redundant information. In addition, the ADV report can be tailored to further focus in on the verification risk test required by the lender.
  • False Alert Resolution
The ADV system instantly tests for miskeyed data and alternate data to reduce false alerts. The ADV system also supports three powerful options to help lenders quickly resolve false flags: 1) Expert Services -ADV fraud reports is automatically reviewed by our fraud researches who further investigate each discrepancy to remove 100% of false positives; 2) ADV Rework –ADV report may be resubmitted by lender for assistance in clearing of alerts; 3) Cleared by Lender -the lender can add notes and attach supporting documents in the ADV journal and update a “Fail” to “Cleared by Lender”.
  • Clear, concise and comprehensive review of key loan data to reduce fraud risks
  • Eliminates common false positive which reduces underwriting time and costs
  • Approved by leading investors to enables compliance
  • Rapid access to fraud researches to remove bottlenecks in resolving red flags
  • Configurable report components to match lenders policies
Background Data Verification (BDV Report)

Review and on-going monitoring of business partners.

Streamline background verification of both companies and individuals.

Quickly implement a service provider review and monitoring program using the BDV reports and vendor management website. BDV enables compliance with CFPB and investor requirements to perform due diligence and monitor all partners on a loan. BDV provides clear insight into companies and individuals including: legal, financial, license status, license sanctions, and excluded party list status.

BDV reports are available on any person or company involved in the loan, including:

  • Third party originators
  • Warehouse applicants
  • Correspondent applicants
  • Appraisers
  • Title agent
  • Closing agents
  • Real estate attorneys
  • Staff
  • And more...

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  • Search companies, owners and individual agents
  • National search of public records for derogatory flags
  • Financial stress indicators, excluded party lists
  • Ongoing monitoring alerts of new derogatory flags
  • Individual and batch processing
  • Tailor the components to match your policies
  • Instant access to subject area experts for false positive research
  • Fast, comprehensive background search
  • 3 part process to eliminate false positives
  • Minimal input information required
  • Optional vendor management tools
  • Ongoing monitoring of service providers
  • Lower total cost of service provider risk assessment
CFPB Bulletin 2012-03: Under Title X regulations CFPB expects supervised banks and nonbanks to have an effective process for managing the risks of service provider relationships. These steps include, but are not limited to:
  • Conducting thorough due diligence ...,
  • Establishing internal controls and on-going monitoring...

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Expert Services

Flexible review and monitor of service providers.

FACTintel delivers a powerful new service to virtually eliminate our clients’ efforts to review and resolve false fraud risk issues. Our Expert Services automatically reviews the loan application and then escalates the report to our fraud researches who have the experience and tools to quickly review alerts for false positives. The client then receives a concise fraud report without the conflicting or missing data which has plagued lenders with unnecessary underwriting delays and costs.

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  • Unique 3 stage validation process to eliminate false fraud alerts
  • Rapid access to fraud researches who have expertise and national databases to investigate possible discrepancies, missing or conflicting data associated with automated only fraud reports
  • Save up to $300 per loan in needless processing costs
  • Lower underwriting time and costs associated with researching false fraud alerts
  • Eliminate needless escalations to internal compliance team
  • Reduce the risk of closing delays to outstanding fraud risk resolution issues
Specialized Reports

Specialized Reports for Warehouse Lender & Investor

FACTintel provides specialized reports and services for both warehouse lenders and investors. These services are tailored to ensure compliance with the unique requirements of these groups to test for loan risk, background checks and monitoring of origination companies and settlement agents.

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  • Tailored content and risk assessment parameters for all loans or a sampling
  • Easy to read summary of findings highlights potential issues
  • Summary reports to highlight patterns by client or channel, etc.
  • Initial due diligence and ongoing monitoring of originators, settlement agents, staff, ...
  • SSpecialized risk reports permit a highly focused approach based on internal & regulatory objectives
  • Tailored reports and unique false positive process reduces internal labor
  • Highly configurable solution enables rapid deployment for both transactional loan review and portfolio review