FACTintel and Information Privacy

FACTintel is committed to the responsible use of information and to protecting individual privacy rights. FACTintel provides services to businesses that validate data using our products to reduce fraud and mitigate risk in a way that protects consumer privacy. We always seek to protect privacy through the design of our products, systems and through widely accepted information security safeguards.

Privacy Principles

The FACTintel Information Privacy Principles address the personally identifiable information including sensitive personally identifiable information, collected, maintained, used or disseminated in connection with services offered through our platform.

FACTintel applies these Principles to our domestic U.S. products and services where appropriate. In addition, other uses or disclosures may occur as required by applicable law, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its state analogues ("FCRA"), the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and its state analogues (“DPPA”), and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLB”). If the law requires, or upon request of law enforcement, or, if necessary, to prevent fraud or to protect our computer systems, these principles may not apply.

FACTintel also, from time to time, may revise our Information Privacy Principles by posting changes on our Web site.

Data Security

Data security is a company imperative. FACTintel always endeavors to protect personally identifiable information that we maintain or disseminate through the use of appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards so that it is not obtained by unauthorized individuals or used impermissibly.

Distribution of Personally Identifiable Information

FACTintel seeks to limit the distribution of personally identifiable information. Via our platform and all other services, we will make available personally identifiable information from sources other than public records or publicly available information only to its authorized users. Similarly, where applicable, FACTintel makes efforts to restrict access to information in accordance with privacy laws such as the FCRA, the GLB, and the DPPA and comparable state statutes.

If, upon investigation, FACTintel finds that personally identifiable information has been used or accessed inappropriately or unlawfully, FACTintel will take reasonable steps to stop the misuse or access, educate the user concerning the appropriate use of the information, and prevent similar future misuses. Such steps may include measures up to and including discontinuation of the user’s access to FACTintel information products and services, pursuit of other legal remedies, and the referral of misuse to the appropriate authorities.

Added Protection for Critical Data

FACTintel provides additional safeguards for sensitive non-public personally identifiable information, such as Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers. FACTintel takes steps to limit the availability and access to full Social Security Numbers ("SSNs"), Driver's License Numbers and State Identification Numbers. FACTintel aims to protect the confidentiality of this personal data by limiting access to SSNs and Drivers License Numbers to certain legitimate and authorized users and FACTintel Inc. subjects this data to added layers of encryption.

Online Privacy

FACTintel believes that the privacy of personally identifiable information obtained over the Internet is paramount. This philosophy drives our efforts to apply our Privacy Principles. We support and accept the inevitable evolution of privacy standards that become applicable to online activity.


FACTintel endeavors to collect and report data accurately. FACTintel recognizes that reporting errors may occur and offers consumers opportunities, where applicable, to dispute and correct information that we report.

FACTintel works to obtain personally identifiable information from established, reputable sources in the government and private sectors. This means that FACTintel takes steps to confirm the quality, reputation and reliability of its private sector data sources before incorporating data from these sources into its products and services. FACTintel also endeavors to obtain assertions from its data suppliers that they have the legal right to license or sell the data to FACTintel.


FACTintel makes an effort to inform its employees and users about appropriate use of FACTintel products and services. We educate our employees and users about privacy and security issues associated with FACTintel information products and services and the responsible use of personally identifiable information.

In and effort to make our commitment to privacy known, FACTintel makes these privacy principles available to the public.

Accessing and Correcting Data

FACTintel wants to give users and consumers a central point of contact regarding their questions about FACTintel and its commitment to the responsible use of personally identifiable information.

FACTintel is committed to informing individuals about the nature of data made available via our products and services.

FACTintel also provides a meaningful mechanism for data subjects, whenever practicable, to review information with our platform that specifically concerns them. FACTintel is also committed, where possible, to providing mechanisms for consumers to dispute and correct information by assisting them in identifying the potential information sources at which corrections should be made.

FACTintel makes efforts to direct individuals to the government and private sources that collect and maintain public records and publicly available information so that they may endeavor to correct any claimed inaccuracies found in that data, and where applicable, direct individuals to consumer reporting agencies where such agency is the provider of the information about the individual.

Staying Accountable

Strong privacy and information security protections are a critical feature in the provision of our products and services. FACTintel values accountability and supports responsible and effective federal regulation of the data industry and FACTintel supports industry governance and active engagement with the privacy community.

Fighting Identity Theft

FACTintel works hard to design products and services that protect the individual from the acquisition of private information for improper purposes, such as identity theft. If an individuals personal information has been improperly acquired FACTintel complies with state law where required and notifies affected individuals. In states where the law does not require notification FACTintel follows it own Security Breach Notification protocol wherein individuals are notified if FACTintel Inc. believes the breach has resulted in, or there is a significant risk that it will result in, identity theft to the consumer to whom the information relates.

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