Eliminate Lost Parcels or Packages in any workplace

  • No contracts-One low monthly cost
  • Generates proof of deliveries with ability to export to pdf and excel
  • Real-Time reporting backed by AWS
  • Avoid purchasing expensive tracking equipment, and signing long term leasing commitments
  • Longtitude and Latitude tracking with every parcel or package


App Feature One

Provides the ability to scan or manually add parcels, or packages from popular company's such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL

App Feature Two

Provides the ability run reports in realtime and view online dashboards backed by AWS

App Feature Three

Email clients, customers, or employees proof of delivery

App Feature Four

Provides the ability to track and document internal or external deliveries of parcels. Includes realtime reporting and longtitiude and latitude coordinates with every subscription

App Feature Five

Scan a wide range of barcode types giving your business the ability to track more than just parcels, or packages

App Feature Six

Ability to create your very own custom carriers, and categories for for full customization

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this application different than any other internal tracking application?

Find and Sign was designed to be a simplistic parcel and package tracking application that provided company's of all sizes an affordable solution, without the hassle of leasing or yearly contracts.

How does this application work?

Find and Sign gives the user the ability to manually add or scan a parcel they would like to track. This gives them the ability to document the contents of any package and create a chain of custody for internal deliveries. Once the parcel, package or items is delivered the user can upload the proof of delivery to an internal SFTP, local PC, or even Email.

What carriers does this application work with?

Find and Sign currently works with UPS, Fed-Ex,USPS, and DHL. In the future will be adding additional carriers as they become available.

Which devices does this application work with?

Find and Sign currently works with devices including iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Must have iOS 11.0 or higher

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#FindandSign I love this app, this technology has transformed how our mailroom works and delivers items.

RAS Citron, LLC Fairfield, NJ

#Find and Sign This app has provided the ultimate parcel tracking solution for the fraction of the cost!

Robertson, Anchutz, and Schneid Boca Raton, Florida

#Find and SignThis app has provided us a clear visibility of where every package is delivered. Just knowing that information is available for compliance and audits has paid for itself!

RAS Boriskin Long Island, New York

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